6 Benefits of Choosing Solar

6 Benefits of Choosing Solar


Switching over to solar energy is a major decision which can elevate the quality of life for you and your family.  

To help you make the best decision for yourself and your family, here are six reasons many families choose solar solutions for their home.




1. Solar power benefits the environment.

Going solar reduces emissions that pollute our earth and environment—ensuring a better and brighter future for tomorrow.   The United States is the second largest contributor to our earth’s CO2 emissions, but is fourth in solar power generation; and we are seeing consistent growth in our solar generating contribution.  There’s no better time to protect our environment than now.


2. Solar energy helps you save money.

Not only does adding solar solutions to your home increase the value of your home, it helps off set your energy bill.  This creates savings for you and your family.  Also, the government encourages your transition to solar solutions by giving you a tax credit when you have your solar solutions installed. 


3. Multiple solar solution options.

With the advent of developing technologies, more efficient and yet cost effective solar solutions are readily available to you.  Also, solar options are offered in Pool Heating solutions, Domestic Water Heating solutions, and even Battery Back-Up solutions for your home.


4. Solar panels are easy and safe to install.

With an experienced team, solar panels and other solar solutions are easy and safe to install.  At Urban Energy Solar, our 18 years of solar installation has earned us multiple “★★★★★” ratings across review websites.  It’s important to work with a licensed  and experienced company because the installation plays a large roll in the efficiency and the longevity of your solar panels; and ultimately your long term savings.


5. Solar energy can be used any time of the day.

There’s a myth that you can only use solar power when the sun is up in the sky. However, the truth is most of the providers of solar energy will get you connected to the grid so you don’t risk a power outage at night.  Alternatively, if the solar panels you’ve picked have a battery backup system, you’re able to store power that you can use in case of emergencies.


6. Solar energy is the future.

There is no doubt that going solar puts you ahead of the curve.  Deciding whether you’ll add solar panels to your home can be like pondering your very first home purchase.  It requires careful thought and consideration but the benefits you’ll reap are undeniable.  Let us show you how choosing solar solutions for your home can transform your life for the better.



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