Solar Panels for Businesses

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Are businesses fit for solar panel energy? The answer is absolutely!

So many businesses and non profits (churches, synagogues, etc.) are reaping the benefit that solar panels give them, such as offsetting their electric bill--some times up to 100%!


Going solar presents any organization an important opportunity to achieve long-term electrical cost savings, budget stability, and sustainability goals. While starting a solar project may seem daunting, Urban Energy Solar is here to help. With 20 years of experience in solar, Urban Energy Solar knows how to successfully deploy large-scale solar installations. Urban Energy Solar provides superior technology, solar policy analysis, project financing, site analysis, educational tools, and a host of other tools, support, and consulting. From site assessment to installation to operation and maintenance (O&M), Urban Energy Solar can help ensure your solar project proceeds as smoothly as possible and produces reliably for the long-term.


So why wait? Contact us today and see if your business or organization is the right fit for solar energy!


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