What is solar pool heating?

What is solar pool heating?

There are a few Pool Heating Systems we trust, but our preferred system is by FAFCO.  FAFCO’s 40 years of innovation and patented technology have made it easy to heat your pool with solar energy.  Cold water is pumped from your pool through our patented solar collector design. Like a garden hose lying in the sun, the collector heats the water inside, which is then pumped back into your pool giving you luxuriously warm water and a significantly longer swim season. 

FAFCO® solar collectors feature:

  • A patented water flow metering system that distributes water evenly for maximum efficiency
  • 13 year limited warranty
  • A patented collector design featuring almost twice as many tubes per panel as our competitors’ for maximum heating performance
  • Durable, lightweight, ultraviolet-resistant polymer material that provides years of reliable service
  • Fully-wetted design transfers virtually all available energy directly to the pool water
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Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

  • A solar heated pool can extend your pool use by a 3 to 4 months without the headache of an increased gas bill. 
  • Doctors regard swimming and water aerobics as very beneficial forms of exercise. It works the entire body without the impact stresses on the joints. A heated pool improves your health and well-being by allowing you to exercise throughout the year.
  • Solar heaters are more quiet than conventional pool heaters, so you can enjoy your pool peacefully.

Facts about Solar Pool Heating

A solar pool heater has a lifespan of about 20 years

Unlike gas and electric heaters, which should be serviced by a technician every year, a solar heater requires very little servicing.  Meaning less cost and less hassle for you.

Solar pool heaters generate and utilize energy that is clean, renewable and reliable. It will help eliminate carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions, a major contributor to smog and global climate change. Using solar energy to heat your pool instead of fossil fuels can stop three to 10 tons of carbon dioxide– about the same amount produced by operating your car for one year!– from entering the atmosphere each season.

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How does a solar pool heating system work?

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